About Suryanotes

Hi, Welcome to suryanotes, a site dedicated to preparation of Rajasthan Administrative Services and Indian Administrative Services. 


The foundation and idea behind suryanotes is to:

  • Consolidate information related to Rajasthan on a single platform and make it accessible freely in a simplified manner to the ones seeking.

  • Get established the most credible information base on Rajasthan.

  • Provide this information in multiple forms at least possible cost.


  • To provide all relevant information & resources to aspirant preparing for a public sector job in less than 2000 Rupees.

  • Rather than making aspirant a student, empowering them to understand the state better with facts based information.


  • Jayanti lal

You found some mistake or outdated/wrong information provided in any past archive, what could you do?

  • It is our endeavour to provide most accurate information on any topic. Nevertheless, there is always a chance of human error and hence, we appreciate your concern and effort to pointing out the mistake.

  • You can comment on the post and identify the mistake. We shall correct the information and update. Alternatively you can also send us an email at purohitjay00@gmail.com  with the Post title, date and correction.